10 October 2016

Day 1 discoveries

In front of the old town hall.
Here are the things everyone learned from yesterday's adventures:
Peter: Parades are great things. They are much less common in Australia and they certainly don’t throw out unregulated lollies to the crowd at random. The marching band was good to see in person after seeing that type of thing only in movies before.
Martin: It was good to meet new friends and play at their house and the parade was fun- especially getting the lollies.
Zach: People speak different and Mum is on the wrong side of the car and we drive on the wrong side of the road.
Rose: The people’s different wording is a little confusing. For example,  Lemonade is actually lemon drink so we have to ask for clear fizzy or Sprite. They also say “Y’all” a lot. And we are not used to so much ice in drinks.
Clare: The translation is sometimes difficult to work with. We were playing games wth our friends and they called a game one thing which we called another. For example, the game we call “Spit” they call “Snap”, while our “Snap” game is quite different.
Lana: I had to re-learn the right way to ask for things. We had it all down to a fine art, but that was 12 years ago.

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