12 October 2016

Already in the news...

We win the "Travelled furthest to attend" award.
While we were waiting for the parade to start I was standing there with my SLR camera in my hands and I saw another fellow with his camera. We nodded to each other with that professional camaraderie type of nod and he asked me, "Taking photos today?"
I replied, "We're taking photos for friends back home."
I don't know how, but just saying this was enough for him to somehow guess we weren't from around here. :-)
He then asked if we wanted to be in the paper and we said, "Sure."
So we had a little interview and he took a photo. Sure enough, there we were mentioned in the paper but our photo missed out. Pretty funny though.
We have been visiting lots of different stores and other outlets as well as church and people are starting to recognise us and compare notes. One of our friends posted some photos of us and one of her friends commented that he saw us on the Sorghum Festival shuttle bus. It seems our accent and five children make us stand out for some reason.

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Bretta said...

I saw it and came to tell you you made the paper, but you already knew. Fun!!!