11 July 2008

That's Mr Vegemite to you!

All Australians hosting guests must demonstrate Australia's culinary delights. At breakfast time this involves Vegemite on hot buttered toast.
It is very important not to let them spread Vegemite themselves. The tendency is to spread it on the thickness of peanut butter. This is a big mistake! Lana has described the correct amount as Vegemite as "Scaring it on".
A light scrape on hot buttered toast is great.
Variants include Vegemite with sugar sprinkled lightly on top.
Or the more adventurous may try Vegemite with Peanut Butter on top. This variation was invented by the boys. They seemed to enjoy this strange combination so I tried it too. It was quite tasty!
Do not listen to friends with dangerous senses of humour. One of our Georgian friends - who shall remain anonymous - returned from Australia and presented an Australian session at the Homeschooling International Night. Her statement was "Australian's eat Vegemite like Peanut Butter!" This is true - as in we eat it as often as Peanut Butter, but not as thick.
She then let the participants paste Vegemite on nice and thick and take a big bite. She then laughed at their discomfort. When we arrived and showed them how to eat Vegemite properly our new Georgian friend approached the local "Australian Expert" and complained bitterly.
Pretty funny really.


karisma said...

Hey, this Australian does eat it like peanut butter! I love it! But do admit thats no way to give it to a virgin vegemitian!

Bretta said...

Ya' know I still can't remember doing that! I'm thinking that I must've only done it to DAVID FLOYD who I'm sure has never provoked such behavior from anyone....

You look like a vegemite commercial except for the missing "rose" in your cheek...