10 July 2008

More Windy Weather for WYD

This is what all well dressed priests from Kansas wear when the wind is cold and the weather is chilly. Camoflage Hat, Jacket and gloves over the standard "Man in Black" uniform.  Our nickname for him is Father Cabela.  (See here for our past experience with this most amazing store.)
Today we went to Fitzroy Falls after Mass. Often we forget we are in the mountains as the land rises very gradually when travelling South from Sydney. Then it seems as if you turn a corner and there are these 80 metre high (260 feet) waterfalls!
Cameras were going off all around us. The walk included little information signs about the various flora we passed to which the host families were able to add their own information.
After the walk we had a sausage sizzle. This is where we cook a sausage on the grill, and put it on a buttered bun with tomato sauce (ketchup) and fried onions. These sausages actually contain meat (unlike hotdogs) and have flavour. As a treat we even supplied the yellow American mustard!
We then had free time to have a look around. We were able to stop at a "Men's outfitters" store and showed the lads some authentic high quality Akubra hats. The lads look quite authentic in their Aussie hats so we practiced some "Gedday"s and "Mate"s.  By the time they leave they may be more skillful in "Aussie-speak".
One of the host families runs a private winery and was able to show us around the vineyard and wine press and demonstrate how the grapes were converted from the vine to wine to bottle.
Finally we made it home to a fine meal and a small chocolate and lolly (candy) taste test.  We'll provide more results of the test tomorrow.

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