7 July 2008

Cyclone Martin

Sometimes an active one year old is a little like a cyclone (hurricane).  We always seem to be following a trail of destruction and displacement.
Martin isn't so much destructive as very displacing.  "The Relocator" is an appropriate title.
Lana stores her active DMC floss stash in a set of cheap plastic drawers. She cleverly placed these with the front handles facing the wall.
Today Martin discovered that if you pushed in the drawer from the back you can reach a small hand in.  A small hand about the size of Martin's.
He carefully reached in and pulled out skeins of cotton, one at a time, and then carefully slid off the two little paper bands and put both cotton and band on the floor.  And then he reached in and pulled out another one.  These labels describe the colour and number of each skein, essential for completing a cross stitch.
The children heard a cry from the bedroom a short while later, "Ohhh!  Martin!"
There was the pile of cottons and associated labels all randomised.  
Notice how so many colours are really similar?  Luckily Lana has a sample of each colour in a special case in the cupboard.  Lana, Ariel and Eric then spent half an hour sorting the 40 colours, matching the bands and then putting the bands back on the skeins.
Now the plastic drawers are shoved against the wall and something heavy is shoved in behind them.
It could have been worse.  The bands weren't destroyed and the cotton skeins weren't unravelled - or trailed up the hall behind him as he showed his discovery.  We are thankful for small mercies.

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