13 July 2008

Thank You

We received an email from one of our readers yesterday:
I seriously hope you dont mind me emailing you out of the blue. I came across your blog by chance earlier and it struck a cord, making me laugh as well as seeing the similarities!
We are also a home ed family living in the South East of England and have 2 nearly 3 kids.
I guess I just wanted to say hello and that your blog brightened a day that has been a bit of of wash-up so thankyou!!
Best Wishes

Do we mind? Not at all. The comments we receive and emails are a great encouragement to sharing our history on the Internet. We have dual reasons for maintaining Bruggietales. The first to to have a history of our family life as we grow and develop. This is like our online journal so we can remind our grandchildren of what their parents and grandparents were like (such as incidents like this).
The other reason is to share the enjoyment that a large homeschooling family can have as they grow in knowledge of each other and have so many shared experiences.
So thank you to all our readers for enriching Bruggietales with your comments and questions. We appreciate all of your interest and virtual friendship.
(This photo was taken yesterday at the Everything Aussie Day)

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