30 July 2008

Is this a good date?

We have escaped the hospital. Martin will have to go back on Friday for a checkup but all should be well. The abscess was about the size of a marble and very painful, but the hole is already starting to heal and Martin is much happier.
Whenever any of the nursing staff or doctors approached Martin he gave them a very severe look. When he was placed on the bed so they could inspect his progress he started wailing strongly. Even getting his temperature taken was deemed too intrusive for Martin. However, he calmed down quickly and after Lana had taken his temperature, happily wandered to the Nursing station and gave them back the thermometer.
Last Saturday I meant to take Lana on a "date" but it didn't really work out and we just had time together and did a little shopping. Upon our return home Ariel was disgusted and said to us, "Shopping isn't a date." Ariel claims Mum was also disappointed, so with two women against me I had no hope.  I had to try again.
So on Saturday we tried again and this time caught a movie and had a meal together, although Martin was a bit whiny at the time and accompanied us. This was better and had a higher "Ariel Approval Rating". 
Yesterday when Lana was sitting in her chair, exhausted from a weary night's sleep in her clothes on an uncomfortable pull out bed, holding a tired and sore Martin, I asked, "Is this a good date?" I was rewarded with a weak smile.
Well, this is what family life is all about. We make our various plans and then life intervenes. Then plans are changed and we all cope with the new circumstances. If it wasn't for these trials, then the good parts would all blend together. It's like seasons. Winter makes us appreciate Summer, and the heights of Summer make us long for Winter. The good times can lull us into a false sense of security and allow us to assume that life should always be like this.
It's events like these that remind us how truly fortunate we are.
(Isn't Martin cute in a hospital robe his size?  He looks like an Angel until a nurse approaches.)

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jodi said...

Glad that Martin is better. He is adorable.