1 September 2007

General Peter

Today the boys, Ariel and I visited a Napoleonic Wargaming demonstration. While I was with James looking at some historical swords and equipment, Peter and Eric were sitting watching a large Waterloo style wargame. Ariel was sitting by the window reading a book. She reckons wargames are boring for girls.
A regiment of Cavalry had forced some infantry into squares. This meant the men in the unit face bayonets out and the men behind them fire, making them safe from Cavalry who won't charge home through the sharp points.
Peter watched carefully and mentioned to the fellow in charge of the Cavalry, "With the Cavalry don't charge. Use the cannons to fire into the infantry. That makes holes in the defence so the cavalry can go through."
The men playing the game stopped and looked at Peter.
"That's actually pretty good tactics," one said.
"Where did you learn that?" another asked.
Peter answered clearly, "We watched the movie called Waterloo."
A fellow on the other side of the table said, "How old are you?"
"He's 21" someone answered with a smile.
"Look, there's a horse over here," one player said pointing to the figure of the General, "Hop on it and be a General!"
"The French are doing poorly. They need your help."
Peter just stood there looking at all these men talking about this young lad of 8 discussing quite intelligent Napoleonic tactics.
It was pretty funny. Ariel couldn't concentrate on her book.
Peter understands what is involved not just from the film, but the discussions we had during the film. As the battle in the film unfolded I explained what the impact was and why certain tactics were poor and what worked better. Peter obviously absorbed it all and applied it at the right time.

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karisma said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much the children take in when they are relaxed enough to do so. We are coming to the end of our very first year of home school now and I cant believe how quickly its passed or how much the boys have learned. Our daughter will also start homeschool next year and cant wait.

Im with Ariel though, on this one, it sure is a boy thing. Send her over to visit my blog. www.karismaskids.blogspot.com

I am having a poetry competition. The prize is a cross stitch kit. Lana might be interested too.

Lisa xxx