27 August 2007

Preparing for Tomorrow

I don't often embed YouTube videos on Bruggietales, but these two relate to our thoughts behind homeschooling. They aren't short but are worth watching.
Preparing for a changing workforce:

Preparing for a changing world:

The two above videos basically provide statistics about the changing world around us, both demographically (age and composition of the people) and educationally (exposure to technology and changing requirements).
We are trying to teach our children that learning is an ongoing thing and concentrating very strongly on the basics of reading, writing, comprehension, mathematics and history, but also on a structure within all this belongs. Raw knowledge is either irrelevant or dangerous if it is not provided within a context that matches reality. Some of the statistics assume continual growth at the same rates while their basis is that everything changes quickly. So we are asked to accept two contradictory premises: The world is changing quickly AND these changes will keep happening the same way.
I recognise that my job (and this blog!) could not have existed even 10 years ago. So predicting 10 years ahead is a risky business. The only way we can see to prepare ourselves and our children is to give them a broad education with a strong moral compass so they can make informed decisions.
When I see predictions of the future I remember the opening chapter in G.K. Chjesterton's book "The Napoleon of Notting Hill" entitled: "Introductory Remarks on the Art of Prophecy". It is worth reading in full, but in summary Chesterton's premise is that the human race in general plays the game of "Cheat the Prophet" whereby the "Clever people" all predict a myriad of possible futures - all contradictory - and insist that non believers had better change or else. Then the people eventually bury the "clever people" in due course and the world develops into something no one actually predicted.
So in the end, we are called to use our talents wisely, know, love and serve God in this world and love our neighbours as ourselves.

Hat tip for videos: Evil HR lady

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