7 September 2007

The Chef is a Rat!

Part of our holiday treat was to see Ratatouille. Actually, the treat was to take the family to a nicer restaurant - all you can eat - which the children thought was a pretty good idea. But then one of the children mentioned the cinema and we realised that today was the day Ratatouille would first show. Normally we avoid the cinema as it costs a lot more than buying the DVD and watching it at home. However, we negotiated and traded a nice restaurant for a family movie.

The film was very enjoyable. It is amazing how Pixar is able to weave a story about a rat that can cook into a plot involving family loyalty, love, honesty, integrity and sticking with principles and make it funny as well. (Although in one scene Lana and I both shivered when we saw all the rats amongst the food. We have fought gainst rats in the past!)
Pixar has done it again.

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