5 September 2007

Our Holidays Begin

We have been planning our annual holidays for some time, coinciding with the homeschooling camp which is on next week. This time we are taking the inland route to visit some friends and explore new places.
We left Lana's parents to mind the fort on a wet and cloudy day. We really appreciate the extra luggage space in the Ford Transit van. As you can see we have some room spare after packing sleeping bags and linen for all the children, pillows for everyone and blankets and linen for Lana and I, as well as enough clothes and essentials for the trip.
One game we played was "A to Z". This involves everyone looking for a sign or word starting with each letter in order - car licence plates are excluded. As we were on the freeway much of the way, most of our results were truck or road sign related. When the letter "J" was announced, Clare quickly answered "James!" Then it was a new rule clarification - all results had to come from outside the car.
The weather was very variable. Light rain, clear, heavy rain, then drizzle and clear again. We decided to rely on the GPS and take a shorter route off the main freeway. This saved many kilometres, but unfortunately was a very winding road. As the van is rather long each winding part meant the rear seemed to move even more. By the time we had come through that section everyone behind the driver's seat was feeling queezy. "I feel sick." Clare announced and I VERY quickly pulled over and everyone scrambled out. This photo is of James helping Clare who was feeling very unwell.

(I am posting our trip stories now that we are back with a stronger internet connection.)

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karisma said...

Poor Clare! This is the one thing putting me off our trip next week! We have a couple of kids that are this way inclined and we have never taken them on a six hour trip before! Oh Boy!