6 September 2007

Interesting Places

When we lived in the US we laughed at local place names. But just to show you it wasn't just America that has interesting place names, here is one of the road signs showing the towns we went through on our trip. The biggest challenge is working out how to pronounce the names. It is not always as you would expect.
For example, one town that is near where Lana grew up is called Wauchope. This is pronounced War-Hope. Lake Cathie is pronounce Lake Cat-Eye. I am pretty sure this is just a quick way to work out who the locals really are!
The best named place was one we passed through a few days later - Wonglepong. Now that is a name to impress outsiders!
Singleton NSW boasts the "Largest Sundial In the World." Ariel is our model demonstrating the size of the thing. We couldn't really fit the top into the picture and be able to see Ariel too!
It is very big, I grant you, but what is the point of a sundial if there is no sun to actually help with telling the time. Is this a case of an early technological power failure?
Our last photo is on our photo blog B Where's, showing Rose Pointing in front of the sign announcing Rose Point. And she looks so cute in her sunglasses. We really couldn't help ourselves.

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