18 September 2007

Homeschooling Camp II - Dads at camp

Last year I was asked what Dads do at homeschool camps and I will answer the question again this year. Dads get involved in the organisation, talks, sports and everything else as homeschooling is a family affair, not just Mum's job.
At the beach the Dads typically act as beach patrol, calling the children back to safer areas. One of the dads has a really penetrating whistle which the children could hear above the waves. Every time they drifted too far away he would whistle, they would look and we would wave our hands getting them back near us. Also, after a long time at the beach, the littler ones found walking on the sand path a bit too tiring so they wanted to be carried. Here is one dad carrying Rose and his daughter back to the camp. (Click the photo for a closer view)
There were a number of talks and catechetical activities organised and the priests asked that the Dads to listen in to the talks for older children. (That's me by the door while Father gives his talk).
One of the best activities for the fathers was the night we had a men's talk and the ladies had their own. We all gathered in one of the halls with a cup of coffee or some dry biscuits and followed an agenda. The discussion was great with each of the dads giving their perspectives on raising children in today's world. By 10pm we stopped and went to round up the younger children and see them to bed.
I noticed Lana wasn't back from her talk so went to the cabin in which the ladies had gathered. There I saw the remains of cake, fancy biscuits, cheese and crackers, some wine and all the elements of a fine party! Typical! We hadn't though of that. Next time we'll arrange something little bit more physically rewarding to go with the mental feast.

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