12 November 2005

Street Art

Despite Clare's dismissive memory of Melbourne there were lots of things to see and experience. There were a number of street performers (buskers) and chalk artists. This fellow taped down a piece of canvas and then "painted" with chalk a number of classic pictures. If you click on the photo you will get more detail. He did an amazing job.
Bells are ringing from weddings taking place in the Anglican (Episcopalian) and Catholic Cathedrals, music coming from wandering players, bells dinging from trams
(trolleys) as they toodle down the streets.

There are a number of interesting statues in various places, including these caricatured people in poses as if waiting for the tram. Many busy passengers in too much of a rush to pay attention have been embarrassed when they discovered the chap who wouldn't move was actually a statue!
After we attended Vigil Mass we went to see the traditional Myer's Christmas Window display. Over many years the Myer department store in Melbourne used all its windows to show a Christmas story. Recently the stories have become more and more stupid such as this year's.
The Santa Kid
. A businessman arrives at the North Pole and announces he has bought out Christmas and is introducing new efficient work practices. Santa Claus stays in bed and gives up. His daughter objects but doesn't do much other than complain until the delivery trucks break down and she uses the sleigh to deliver presents. The nasty businessman gives up on the enterprise, Santa gets out of bed and we are told the Christmas spirit isn't about presents after all - it's all about believing. "Believing in what?" was my question. The businessman believed in his project enough to risk his time and money, Santa believed that his time was now over so in the end everyone must be OK. What a stupid book! No positive adult role models, all children can save the world despite the nasty adults and morals that can mean anything. Bah! Humbug!

Happily, Myer does allow one token Christmas display. This one is based on a famous piece of art of Mary and Jesus.

We then wandered around looking for something nice to eat. I did notice that a family of eight stands out a bit on a Saturday night in the city.

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