8 November 2005

Rain, Rain, everywhere

Last night we had about 35mm of rain. As we have about 500 square metres of catchment area, this equates to 500 x 35 = 17,500 litres of water. (About 4,500 gallons)
When we lived in Sydney and didn't care how much water we used, our monthly usage was about 10,000 litres per month. Last night we received over one and a half month's water supply!

Our water tank capacity is about 90,000 litres (23,195 gallons), so we should be able to live for nine months with no rain.

So here we are watching our water tanks overflow with precious water just spilling on the ground. (Just like it did shortly after our return.)
As Lana's dad remarked, "It's times like these we could get another water tank"

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Anonymous said...

I think you should put in a photo,of Ariel in the dress BUT standing still!!!!!!!!!!!!