10 November 2005

Fishing is one thing, but fish ...

On the first day I was dropped off at the client's and Lana and the children went fishing at one of the local fish hatcheries. Actually, you could probably call it "catching" rather than fishing, but it is fishing without all that boring waiting time.
I reckon if you fell in you would come out with fish in all your pockets.
They did the bulk of the fishing in the middle sized fish pond. Then Lana decided they would try the "banquet" size fish pond. The first fish they caught was a little one and so was the second. Some banquet! The hatchery didn't charge us for them they were so small.
Clare even had a go, but as you can tell from her expression, there was no way she was going to touch the fish to show us what she caught.
We paid for the fish we caught and this provided dinner for the next two nights. Lana had prepared for this by bringing down some garlic, butter, lemon and alfoil (aluminum foil). The fish had already been cleaned at the hatchery, so all we had to do was put garlic and butter in the middle and some butter, garlic and lemon slices on the top, wrap in foil, and cook for five minutes on each side. Combined with some yummy chips (similar to steak fries in the US) from the local fish and chip shop and we had a lovely meal.

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