5 November 2005

The Atlanta Airport Hotel responds

The mess that was our last US Hotel stay at the Hampton Inn at Atlanta Airport (see here and here for the tale of woe) has had a partly pleasing resolution.
Whilst waiting at San Francisco airport (look in the September archives for all the adventures we had there) I logged on to the Hampton Inn website and lodged my complaint listing all the reasons for my dis-satisfaction in a reasonably long, but polite, email.
Two days later I received an email telling me they were sorry and were passing it on. Five days after that was another "Sorry" email. No more contact.
Then I checked my Credit Card (online of course) and found that they had credited the cost for both rooms.
The reversal of the room charge was fair considering Hampton Inn's guarantee:
As always your stay is backed by the 100% Hampton Guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied, we don't expect you to pay. That's our promise and your guarantee. That's 100% Hampton.TM
So the credit was just fulfilling their guarantee - for which I am quite grateful.
However, the key to good marketing is to turn any complaining customer into a loyal customer. Further contact would have clinched our future support.

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