25 August 2007

Three Swords Please

Last Saturday I took the boys, one of their friends and Ariel shopping. The main reason was to top up the pantry, but bonus side trips to the Library and Hardware store were why the children wanted to come.
James was very happy when I found him a book on siege weapons. The book not only showed examples of sieges through the ages, but also the tactics used and methods of construction. His Lego creations have taken on a whole new flavour!
At the hardware store we went to the wood/lumber section and I asked the assistant, "I need some wood for swords."
He smiled and looked at the boys.
I added, "Yeah. Good wood. Pine just doesn't last past a few good whacks so I need some sort of hardwood."
He understood and showed us the hardwood timber flooring and we found a number of 1.2-1.5m (4 to 5 ft) lengths. The boys then noticed a range of poles. The assistant said to me confidentially, "Broom handles will be cheaper than these rods, especially considering how they'll be used."
"Agreed!" I replied and went inside and purchased several broom handles.
At the checkout I placed the wood and broom handles on the counter saying, "Just these swords and spears thanks."
She looked at the products and me and smiled.
By Monday, Lana's Dad had made Peter's sword and had already rounded the ends of the broom handles on the Saturday we bought them. Dad had been to the doctors on Tuesday and was having a relaxing time on Wednesday morning. He had told the boys he would finish the swords after lunch. The boys lurked nearby and waited. And waited. When Dad emerged from his place, Peter said, "Finally!" You may be thinking, "Hang on. Why would Peter say 'Finally!' if his sword was already made?" Well, what is the point of having a sword if your brothers don't have theirs? Who would you fight with?
Time really is subjective. Especially waiting for your new sword to be made!
When I returned home from work on Thursday, the boys rushed to show me their new swords. James happily told me, "We whack these really hard and they don't even dint!"

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