5 August 2007

A trip to the past

I have been working quite a lot lately, including Saturdays. On a flight home from Melbourne I noticed in the in-flight magazine and mention of the Australian War Museum in Canberra (www.awm.gov.au). "Good Idea!" I thought, "We're going." and I picked up a copy of the magazine to remind me.
The Australian War Museum is free to enter, there are lots of exhibits, plenty of museum staff in red coats providing tours or available to answer questions and we had plenty of room to park our bus.
The children really enjoyed to "Discovery Zone". This is a section with five areas covering different facets of wars in which Australia participated. There was a mocked up helicopter from Vietnam,, where the children could get in the various seats, put on headphones, move lots of levers and buttons and even dress up.
Next was "Cold War" with a mock up a submarine where the children could look out the periscope, lay in the small bunks. There was a picture of two ships through the periscope, moving through a storm. Next, and most favourite, was the WWI trenches. The children were able to dress up and crawl around the trenches and bunkers. James felt he looked the part with his broken elbow.
The other two sections was bridge building in Vietnam and an airplane observation post in WWII. Another visual feast was based around the Lancaster Bomber "G for George". A light show, voice over and video footage grahically illustrated one of the bombing runs in which the bomber went on a raid on 31 May, 1945. Another show centred around the invasion of Sydney harbour by 3 Japanese mini submarines. The mini-subs were launched by a main submarine outside the harbour and these little 2 man jobs sneaked in to destroy shipping. I knew the subs had invaded and were all destroyed, but I didn't know that one of the subs had hit one of the US ships, killing 112 servicemen.
All in all, 3 hours went by very quickly. It was a fun day spent as a family.

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