15 August 2007

I Spy Pink

by Lana

The two youngest girls like to go for a walk to the Village Store when we supply them with the biscuits we sell and there is always a chance that Mr J will give them a lolly or two. On the way home Clare wanted to play "I Spy" with colours.
First was Clare "I spy with my little eye, something that is pink." (her favourite colour - it also happened to be the colour of ALL the clothes and the rubber boots that Rose was wearing)
I answered, "Roses' clothes." This was not a surprising answer as it is Winter and most things are brown or green.
"Yes. Roses' turn."
"I spy little eye purple." "Clares' clothes." "Yes"
"Ok. I spy orange." There was only one other coloured thing anywhere around a large tractor/digging machine.
We continued playing with Clare walking beside me and Rose skipping /dancing a little way in front.
Clare and I were trying to be creative taking turns with Rose. We used blue - sky, green - leaves, white - a chicken we just passed, red - car, yellow - the lollypop she just hid behind her back moments before.
For every turn that Rose chose a colour it was "I spy little eye Pink" "I know, your clothes." "Yes" followed by a little giggle and a bit of a dance. She seemed to be off in her own little world swerving and dancing along the dirt lane, but she knew when it was her turn and she announced each time "I spy little eye Pink" happy to feel apart of the game and have her turn.
It was a very pleasant stroll home with the girls enjoying the afternoon and their company.


karisma said...

Its moments like these when we feel truly blessed, isnt it?

DavidofOz said...

We have always rejoiced in the Eleventh reason to have a child - they are really funny. Each of the children from Martin (now 4 mths!) to Ariel (16 yo) give us enjoyment. It's great!