22 August 2007

Because Dad says so

It has been two weeks since Ariel started working full time at the local village store. She had been working there for two hours each morning sorting the mail and assisting with the morning duties when a marvellous opportunity arose. The local TAFE (similar to Community College) offers a Retail training course - which is like an apprenticeship - for young people working in the retail industry. So Ariel is effectively working as an apprentice at a great place only a five minute walk from home.
Naturally, she has been pretty tired, as all adults can remember when they first started working. Ariel is doing very well and the owner, Mr J, is getting her involved in all aspects of the business.
Mr J is very clever in getting Ariel involved even when she tries a number of stratagems to hopefully avoid some of the responsibility.
One day Ariel informed Mr J that some more pies were needed. He suggested Ariel call the supplier, but she "didn't get around to it". Later, she once more told him more pies were needed. So he rang the pie supplier and said to the lady, "Ariel is an apprentice here and she is going to order some pies but she is a little bit shy."
While he was talking, Ariel was saying "NO NO NO" in the background.
He then said to the lady, "Here she is," and passed the phone to Ariel.
Ariel took the phone and she could hear the lady laughing. Ariel finally said softly, "Hello" and the lady replied, "I hear you are going to order some pies?"
Ariel then ordered the pies. Ariel is pretty sure the lady had heard her in the background saying No.
So why is Ariel working? I'm sure Ariel will tell her children that it is because "Dad said so". I tell my children I went into accounting because Mum said so. Good thing she did tell me as I didn't know what I wanted to do and accounting worked out to be just right!
Ariel didn't know what she wanted to do and she was ready to get more experience by working and studying at the same time. The opportunity was too good to turn away and we are all pretty happy with how it is going. When I consider that midshipmen commanded captured ships at 13 and 14 years of age, I'm sure our children should be able to shoulder more responsibility than seems to be the current norm of 18 to 24.

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The Woman of the House said...

That is wonderful! I can remember my dad walking me to a store to get a job in my early teens. I was almost shaking, I was so nervous. It's great though, to have those skills under ones belt for future jobs. How much easier it will be for your daughter later on having this experience.

God bless,