9 March 2007

Short Rose Tales

A Thinking Rose
Rose walked into Ariel's room holding some old keys and started mucking around. In past times, Ariel had threatened Rose that she would take the keys from her unless she left. Ariel tried this tactic again.
Rose thought about it and left. A short while later she returned without the keys and started mucking around and wouldn't leave.
A few days later Ariel found the keys in Rose's drawer. Rose had obviously figured out that if she put the keys away, they couldn't be repossessed. What a clever little two year old.

Boys and Girls
Ariel and Rose were sitting in the car having an argument.
"Dirl!" [girl in Rose language]
"Am I a girl?" asked Ariel.
"No. Boy!" replied Rose forcefully.
Ariel continued, bored with the traveling and worked out that Rose was a girl and everyone else was a boy.
Lana explained this to her mum who had fun asking Rose the same question.
After a few times re-establishing the fact that Rose is definitely a "Dirl", Rose changed the subject. She decided that she had made her point and there was no further need to discuss the issue.

More Corn
Mum and Dad had found some small corn cobs when they were cleaning up the completed corn plants. There wasn't much but they made sure they gave one to Rose. Rose was very tired and half asleep, but once the corn cob was in front of her, and she took her first bite she awoke quickly and ate the corn.
"More?" she asked.
"There isn't any more," answered Grandma, "We gave you the bigger bit."

(This photo is of Rose's "Wanted" poster.)

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