4 March 2007

Rapunzel, a car by any other name.

We may be fortunate enough to upgrade our car later this month. A local council is upgrading their Ford Transit van for a new one and we should then be able to upgrade ours to their old one for a very reasonable price.
Today we discussed car names with the children. Our current van (which seats 12) is called "The Wombus" - a cross between Wombat and Bus, which gives some idea of the shape and speed of our van. (A wombat is an Australian marsupial which is slow, fat and not known to be particularly clever)
We asked the children what they would like to call the new van.
"Wombus II," was one.
"Rapunzel!" called out Clare.
"Rapunzel?" we asked, "What hair do we let down?"
"Oil?" suggested Ariel.
"Not in our new car, Ariel." I replied.
"Rapunzel is a nice name." Clare explained.
"Black Beauty would be good!" added Clare.
"But most vans are white," we explained to Clare who looked back at us as if to ask what that had to do with it.
We'll see what happens when we get the new car.

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