6 March 2007

Not touching - looking.

The Robertson Show is being held this weekend. Last year we entered in a number of pavilion competitions as well as the outside events. We are hoping that we have less challenges in getting to this year's events, but plans are only guidelines.
For the biscuit (cookie) competition Ariel is making Molasses cookies. She is pretty sure that will do well as they both look and taste wonderful.
Ariel carefully read the instructions gathering ingredients as needed. Rose sat on the bench looking on, her legs dangling over the side, carefully supervising proceedings. Every time Ariel walked to the fridge or cupboard for ingredients she warned Rose with a pointing finger, "Don't touch!"
"Not touching," Rose would dutifully reply.
Just as Ariel added a teaspoon of baking powder to the flour in the sifter she realised she was supposed to add baking (bi-carbonate) soda. Oops.
She went straight to Lana who suggested Ariel should go back and quickly remove the soda from the top. But meanwhile, Rose had already turned the sifter handle carefully mixing the soda and flour just like her big sister.
"Don't touch!" Ariel repeated.
"Not touching," Rose replied with a serious expression as if she would never do such a thing. Again.
Lana then tried to consult the expert (her mum). Mum wasn't available so they consulted Google. The end result was that as it was only one of the four required teaspoons that was the wrong type, the biscuits should be OK.
However, when they returned to the kitchen Rose had emptied the remaining Baking Powder directly into the wet mixture!
"No!" cried Ariel to Rose.
"Not touching," replied Rose with her hands behind her back.
"How much was left?" asked Lana.
"Only two teaspoons or so," answered Ariel.

"Why did you leave the ingredients near her?" Lana asked.
"It was on the other side of the bench!" Ariel explained.
"Within sight is too close," suggested Lana.
Lana and Ariel removed what baking powder they could and added in the bicarb soda.
Then Ariel rolled the cookies and placed them on the tray. The first lot came out smelling great, but didn't look quite right. They had the right shape and tasted delicious but something seemed to be missing. Ariel showed them to Lana while the second lot was baking.
"Did you roll them in sugar before baking them?"
"Ohhh," groaned Ariel
The remaining lots were fine and look just like the photo in our recipe.
Competition cooking is always a strain. Having Rose help just adds to the challenge.

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