11 March 2007

Ariel - Queen of the Pavilion

We all had a very good day in the Pavilion competitions. The Pavilion is a fascinating area filled with arts, crafts, plants and vegetables made and grown in the local area. The display is an amazing example of the skill and dedication by many people whose abilities are normally only appreciated by a few families and friends.
Each of the children's competitions cost 20 cents to enter with first being awarded $4.00 and second $2.00. When the judges have difficult in determining the place-getters, they often award "Highly Commended" certificates to let participants and visitors know that the judges felt the entry was very good too. Some competitions have special prizes, and the best in certain sections can be awarded "Champion" ribbons.
Out of our 34 entries, we won ten first prizes, seven second prizes and four "Highly Commended" certificates. Peter won a little trophy for his Scones sponsored by a local Pizza Parlour.
James' Lego city won first prize (see next story) and Peter's photo of the man thinking won first prize in his competition.
Although Peter's Stargate Glider didn't win (pictured here) it was a pretty good example of the type of things the boys are building based on pictures they have seen, using avaiable pieces but no printed plans. Lego is really good like that!
Lana's Ruana (as modeled here by the lovely lady herself) and her Comonos House also won first prizes. When Lana Lana handed in the Ruana the steward looked at it and remarked in amazement, "Novice?". "Yes," Lana replied, "This is only the second one I've done."
"Well," the steward said, "it looks pretty good."

But the star of the Bruggies was Ariel.
Out of the eleven events she entered, she was awarded five first prizes and three seconds and one Highly Commended award. All her cooking entries won prizes and she was awarded a very large and fancy ribbon: "Most Successful Junior Exhibitor - Cooking Section"
Her new Cross-stitched Baby Book for Martin (pictured) not only won first prize, but was also awarded the ribbon "Champion - Junior Fancywork Exhibit" It was very similar to the Baby Book she did last time but her cross-stitch skill is improving with practice.
The stewards managing the exhibits were very excited to have a young girl entering such a variety of events and doing each one very well. In three of her events she won extra prizes.
We went back into the Pavilion several times during the day just to look again at all the various entries and exhibits. While we were looking closely at some of the items, we noticed others peering all over ones we put in.
We'll be back again next year.

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