7 March 2007

A Bruggie Show

The house was filled with the delicious smell of cooking up until the mid afternoon. The children were creating their cooking masterpieces for the Robertson Show.
Each of the four older children made scones (like Southern US biscuits, but sweeter). We used half the recipe measurements, which meant after four children, we had the normal double mixture anyway. Six of the best were set aside and the remainder were used for lunch with the compulsory jam and cream. (yum).
Peter came up to Lana and asked carefully, "Which ones are we allowed to eat? Those ones over there?"
"No. They're Ariel's." Lana looked again and noticed there were only five not six. Peter had mistakenly picked one of Ariel's special scones. He was very upset. Ariel reassured him, "It's all right. This one should work," as she placed one of the extras in the middle of her remaining five show specials.
Clare made ANZAC biscuits (cookies).
"How come you're making such a small amount?" asked Ariel.
"This is the actual recipe. Normally we make double, triple or quadruple the recipe so it lasts longer than one afternoon." Lana answered.
"Oh." said Ariel
Ariel also made muffins and Caramel Slice. Eric made muffins, chocolate cake and banana loaf.
Lana had prepared a list from her email entry which contained 34 entries! This was the master list to be consulted when they left the house, left the car and passed each entry to the judge.
This was just as well as Clare kept asking "Do you have my stitching card?"
When Lana arrived at the office to collect the competition tickets, the lady recognised her from last year before Lana could actually say anything.
"Yes, Yes, we have got them all. Your tickets are all there: Bruggie."
Then Lana went throgh the pavilion with all the children, leaving each entry with the relevant steward, noting the details on The List.
The Tapestry lady recognised us and said "Hi." The lady next to her seeing us all standing there each holding boxes of exhibits said, "Are they your kids?"
"Yeah." Lana replied in a matter of fact way.
"What have you got? Five?"
"In about six weeks we'll have seven!" Lana answered with her disarming smile.
She shook her head and said, "You're amazing."
James and Peter sat down out of the way and fixed up their Lego entries. They explained their entries to the School Age Section steward as she walked over to see what they were doing.
Peter explained that his entry was a Glider. The lady looked at it and asked, "A Gao'uld Glider?"
"Yes!" said Peter, amazed that she knew about Stargate.
The steward also recognised the Stargate in James' Lego city. Both boys were very impressed with her knowledge.
We also entered a collection of photos including the two on this post - my photo of one of the priests from our local monastery and Peter's photo of a wargamer concentrating very hard, as well as Ariel's photo of a Cute Rose and Eric's photo of the girl's hair styles.
As Lana was checking off each entry, the photo steward was amazed.
"You're organized!" he said.
Phew. Entries are in. Now all we have to do is go to Robertson on Saturday and enjoy the show.

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