12 March 2007

Clare's Lenten Observances

Friday is our regular cleaning day. Everyone has a different job to perform, with the whole family contributing to the house's cleanliness. Clare's job is to clean her room enough so that it can be vacuumed. Naturally, she always complains about how it is "too hard" and "too messy".
Last Friday she thought of a new objection. Lana heard Clare talking loudly in her room: "I don't clean during Lent!"
Clare said it loud enough trying to make someone realise that she didn't have to clean her room.
Lana "discussed" the matter with her and she cleaned her room in about half an hour instead of the usual three hours.
Remember, this is the same girl who figured she had special Lenten conditions last year too.

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Anonymous said...

I feel Clare's pain. Have never thought of using the Lent angle though. Hmmm:-)