31 March 2007

Memories of Ike

Ike, our Clayton's Dog - is dead.
Our whole family is saddened by his death. Ike attached himself to us the day we arrived on our empty block and began preparations for our house. This photo is from seven years ago, with James (then 4 years old) dressed up as Zorro playing with a youthful Ike. Ike accompanied Lana, Ariel and Lana's parents on each of their daily walks and was a frequent visitor. Even though he wasn't technically our dog, Ike himself considered us as his extended family.
Yesterday Ike accompanied Lana and Ariel as they walked to the local general store. While Lana was chatting to the store owners, Ike noticed his owner returning home and raced across the park to be at home to greet him as he always did. This time however he was intercepted by two vicious dogs who attacked him.
Lana and Ariel left the store and wondered where Ike was. At the edge of the park they saw the big black dog shaking something. "I wonder what it is?" asked Ariel. They both secretly worried that it might be Ike. They went forward to shoo them away and stop worrying whatever they were annoying. When they got closer they realised in shock that it was Ike. Ariel rushed home to get Lana's Mum, whilst Lana was left to scare off the dog who was eating into Ike.
Lana was left to carry the dead Ike in her arms. Lana's Dad met her and together they went to Ike's owners who buried him last night.
There were many tears as we remembered how this brave little dog made himself part of our lives. Sometimes we can be skeptical of an animal's intelligence, yet Ike knew the time. When it was time for Lana's parents to go on their walk he was there. If they were a little late finishing he would rush ahead to be there when Lana was ready to start her walk. If they were on time or early he stayed with Lana's parents.
So, we have all learned a lesson in the grace of God who allows love to develop between us and one of his creations. Although Ike is dead, his memory is around us and in us. We still expect to see him sitting comfortably on our deck or to rush towards us as we approach the back gate, eager to join us on our walks.
Thank you God for this blessing of the companionship of a friendly dog for seven years.


Alice Gunther said...

I am so sad to read this.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Ike and the way it happened.
I listened to these the other day. They are interviews with Dr. Randy Alcorn who wrote a book about Heaven. He uses scripture to back up what he believes, but of course, it is his interpretation. Anyway, I can't remember what part it's in, but he believes that our pets may go to Heaven.