11 March 2007

Little Lost Clare

We had one drama yesterday. Clare lost us. Technically we didn't lose her as we stayed where we were and she wandered off, but either way Clare found herself outside the pavilion and couldn't see any of us and began to cry.
A man came up from behind her and asked, "Where's your Mum and Dad?"
"I don't know," sniffed Clare.
The man took Clare's hand and said, "Let's ask, shall we?" and went up to the announcer's booth.
The announcer was talking about the world famous Robertson potato race. He stopped and he asked Clare her name and where she lived.
Clare said her name and the name of our car ("Wombus") and Mum's name (Lana). As to where we lived Clare didn't know what to answer so he listed a number of local areas. Clare answered "Melbourne." [I think we need more training regarding the place she lives!]
Meanwhile we had just realised Clare wasn't with us and began to search the pavilion. The boys had left the pavilion earlier looking for one of their friends. Eric came in and said, "Have you got Clare with you? I think they have Clare in the announcer's booth."
Eric had heard the announcer say, "We have a little girl here called Clare, her Mum's name is Lawna, she has a blue dress with cows all over it and a pink hat." That was enough for Eric to realise that Clare was being described pretty well and found us.
I went up and gave her a hug. She had been crying and was very glad to see us again.
When Peter was Clare's age he did something similar and so now we had the same discussion with Clare.
"We wouldn't leave where we are without you. If you can't see us just stay where you are and don't move. We'll find you."
Then we went and took this photo, being a re-enactment of when she found herself alone. Click for a more detailed photo.


Portrait of Peter said...

Certainly brought back memories of when I was about 4 and found myself in a similar position.

It can be a heart-stopping time for all.

Thank you for sharing this story, and a wonderful blog too.

Anonymous said...

What an experience, poor little heart. Glad she was safely reunited.