29 March 2007

I'm much bigger now

Last weekend we celebrated Clare's birthday. The nearest Sunday was the best time because:
1. It is Lent and Sundays are only "sort of" part of Lent. One of our friends with a number of children whose birthdays fall in Lent has had a birthday party almost every Sunday.
2. I'm home. There's no point in being given the privilege of sitting is Dad's chair if Dad isn't around to sit in the birthday girl's chair!

You can see in the picture that we have to be quick blowing out the "cake". It was ice cream and it was melting very quickly.

When it was the actual day of Clare's birthday I asked her if she felt any bigger, now that she's six.
"Oh yes, Daddy." she replied.


Bretta said...

Turning six always seemed like such a milestone for my kids. No longer a "toddler"...now a big kid! When CJ turned six my dad told her, "I love you being six, you can't get any older!" So every year he gives her a birthday card that says, "Happy 6th birthday" :o)

Happy Birthday, Clare, darling!

patternnuts said...

Happy Birthday Clare!

Alice Gunther said...

Happy Birthday to Clare!

She has grown quite a bit since we saw you!