18 March 2007

Ariel - the Colours of Summer

The main Christmas present we gave Ariel was the offer to buy some material and make her some dresses. It is very difficult to get suitable clothing for girls at the stores so we purchased a couple of patterns and then Lana and her Mum went shopping.
The nearest shop with a half reasonable selection of dress material is about an hour's drive away and Lana and her Mum did pretty well. Over the last few weeks they made dresses for Ariel and also Clare and Rose.
This dress is one of their creations. Ariel is also wearing one of her award winning shawls which although I am told it doesn't match still provides the warmth on this cooler day. Ariel is pointing to our rain guage showing the 17mm (3/4 inch) rain which fell over the last 24 hours and you can see how green everything is. It reminds me of the explosion of Spring green when we were in the US.
Ariel wore this dress last time she and I went shopping. After an hour or so in the shopping centre I mentioned to her, "Have you noticed that everyone is looking at you?"
And it was true. Ariel looked very different to all the other young girls in the centre. She looked neat, clean and modestly dressed with her belly button cleverly hidden away from public scrutiny. Other shoppers quietly glanced at Ariel, looking her up and down and then glanced away. The looks were not disapproving. They all seemed surprised - pleasantly - that a girl could still look pretty without being half undressed.
Luckily Ariel wasn't too embarrassed and is still willing to go out with me.

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Anonymous said...

just thought id say hi, and add that ariel does look very pretty. cute dress ariel =) im an aussie teen also by the way. ♥genna