12 February 2007

When push comes to shove

Over the last 24 hours we have had an additional 90mm of rain. This means we have had almost 20% of our annual average rainfall in two days!
As the rain is still falling steadily, this had to be the day Lana's Dad had to take their van in for a service. Therefore, it wouldn't start and needed a push start.
Luckily I had arranged to leave a little later (8:30am) and we all helped in pushing the van.
Lana's Dad provided some towing power (from a little car with a 1.3cc engine) and Ariel, Eric, Lana and myself pushed. Mum was in the driver's seat.
Somehow the van wouldn't turn properly until Dad came and realised Mum hadn't turned the key to disengage the steering lock. "I haven't driven this thing before!" Mum explained as we all pushed again.
Once we were at the street and the van rolled it started on the second atttempt and all is well.
Phew. What a way to start the day.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for rain! We were most excited up here on the northern end of the coast when it came over all cloudy yesterday afternoon. Then we got a little sprinkle and it was gone! This morning the sun was shining again until of course I did six loads of washing when it decided to pour down. We have been praying for rain as we are on level 4 water restrictions and the situation is getting worse. I hope it keeps raining. God Bless.