11 February 2007

It's Raining, it's pouring

We were all outside yesterday afternoon, playing cricket. Lana was batting very well (at least in comparison to the quality of bowling and fielding) but light started to fail. At 5:00pm on a Summer's day! The clouds were coming across so black that it seemed like 8:00pm.
Then Lana's Dad and Mum rushed out with tarpaulins to protect some of our vegetable plants as hail was coming. We quickly covered the plants and cleared away all the cricket gear and anything else that could be damaged by the rain and settled down to watch from the back deck.
In the next hour over 90mm (3.5 inches) rushed earthwards with winds that forced us back inside. Once more all our water tanks are full and all around us people and plants are rejoicing for the rain. Today saw another 30mm (over an inch) of rain fall in a lovely light rain - perfect for soaking into the ground.
This photo is of Eric watching the rain with me on the deck in the only dry spot.

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