27 February 2007

Wanted: Eric's fun idea

Eric had a clever idea. He wanted to make "Wanted" posters like those you see in Westerns.
So he arranged for each of the children to wear their cowboy hat (Clare wore her pink one of course) and adopt the right expression of someone posing for a "Wanted" poster.
(This is Eric's photo.)
He then went into "Pages" (although any word processor would have worked fine) and had in a large, old style font "WANTED" across the top followed by the criminal photo.
Then he explained what they were wanted for: Complaining too much and not cleaning up, Not doing what she is told, etc.
At the bottom was the reward: One hug from Mum.
Then he printed all six posters on the black and white printer and placed them on my home office door.
"What about a poster from me or Mum?" I asked.
"Oh," replied Eric, "You are the Sheriff and Mum is your deputy."
Fair enough.

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