24 February 2007

Fourarmed Lego Man

Over the years we have gathered quite a collection of Lego. A number of times we visited garage/yard sales held in the more affluent suburbs and obtained some great deals. These people had finished with their token boy child and no longer needed the Lego's. Great for us!
As part of the growth, and natural attrition caused by the littler children "helping", some of the Lego men have lost bits over time.
This is not all bad. James was feeling inventive and had found a spare Lego man torso. "Why not have a four armed man - like Stitch?"
So he modified the spare torso by using his pocket knife to drill two holes just the right size to fit two spare arms. The holes were spot on and the arms fit and move like proper ones.
The minor problem was the legs wouldnt really fit as the lower arms were too low. So he trimmed the legs and with a bit of Blue Tac ("HandiTac?" in the US) the legs fit fine.

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Michael Hardt said...

That's brilliant. This is exactly the sort of thing my son does. I'll be sure to show him.