25 February 2007

Always read the label carefully

Yesterday I was out shopping with Ariel and we dropped into K-Mart to get some bits and pieces. Being the end of summer they were having a 30% off sale on bed linen and other bed and bathroom stuff.
They also had some "Large towels" on special.
"Beauty" I thought, "That would be nice for Lana, some special large towels just for her and me."
So without looking too closely I purchased them and thought what a clever boy was I.
When we were unpacking all of our purchases I proudly showed Lana the new towels.
"Umm. A bit big don't you think." was the best Lana could say as we both laughed at the HUGE towels.
Here is one of the towels held up by Ariel with her arms stretched to their maximum and Rose placed in the front for size comparison. Ariel is actually using one as a huge cape, providing lovely warmth all over.

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