14 February 2007

Treated like a duck

Clare's duties include emptying the dishwasher. She rarely does this cheerfully or completely willingly but it is all part of training her in life skills.
One day last week she was avoiding doing her duty more stridently than usual by hiding in her bedroom. Ariel encouraged her by dragging her up the hallway.
"You treat me like a duck!" Clare declared.
"A duck?" Ariel asked, nonplussed.
"Yes!" Clare answered, as she was coerced back to the kitchen.
* * * * *
Today Lana's Dad shared lunch with the family. Afterwards the boys showed him the new board game they were playing whilst he read the rules. When they had finished, Rose helped putting the bits and pieces away. Clare and James helped too, until Rose elbowed and pushed them out of the way, saying "Need help! Need help!"
This actually means "I don't need any help thank you" but said very economically in 2.5 year old speech. It's pretty funny picturing little Rose pushing aside her older siblings with such a stern expression on her face.

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