25 November 2006

Rose is too cute

When I was getting the camera to take a photo of our Turkey remains, Rose rushed in saying, "Me. Me." This is her photo.
When she wants to get anyone's attention, she calls her version of their name (Babbits = James, Eggic = Eric, Awial = Ariel, Tare = Clare, Mam-ma = Grandma, Owwpa = Opa) followed by "Yoo hoo!".
This morning we found her in our bed between us. To get out she shimmied down to the base of the bed under the blankets and escaped through a gap she made at the end. So much for a beautifully made bed.
When she over-reacts to a denial of one of her requests (see here) Lana often tells her to "Get over it."
"No over it" she responds.
Or when we laugh at her she stamps her foot and says, "Not funny". (which of course is funnier still).
She is also a quick learner. "Did you do this?" Grandma asks. "Clare did it." is the instant response, regardless of the facts.
This is just another example of "The Eleventh Reason".


Anonymous said...

Rose really is too cute! (or as our 2 year old daughter would say .. weawwy weaWWY WEAWWY [really reaLLY REALLY] cute!)

Alice Gunther said...

She really is too cute--and funny too!

Anonymous said...

She's adorable!