12 November 2006

The sleeper awakes

Ariel often has vivid dreams which occasionally spill over into reality through sleep talking and even sleep walking.
Today Ariel related one of her nights a few months ago as she related it to a visitor who would be sleeping in her room. This photo is just to give you an idea of the bed situation in the girls' room. Ariel sleeps in the upper bed and Rose is in the lower one.
Ariel dreamed that she needed to get her bed into the spare room. (There is no need to understand why as this is all in a dream remember?) Eric wouldn't respond to her requests for help so, in a huff, she had to get down and do it herself. But the bed was too heavy to move far so she gave up, pushed it back, and went back to bed.
Next thing she woke up to a bang and cry as Rose fell out of bed. On the wall side!
"Oh no!" Ariel thought, "It wasn't just a dream". She quickly rushed to the ground, picked up Rose, placed her in bed and calmed her down and then moved the bed all the way back to the wall.
Her friend who was to sleep in the upper bunk remarked, "Don't have any bed moving dreams while I'm there OK?"

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