22 November 2006

Violin Assignments

Last weekend I was able to use iDVD and iMovie and our new Video Camera. These two young people needed to prepare a DVD of a live recital for their music course. The assignment was worth 50% of the course's results!
I always like playing around with new technology and I was surprised how easy it was. We gathered together lots of lights to help with the video-ing (is that a word?) and captured great footage of the three set pieces they had to complete.
"That's all fine," I said, "How about doing something you enjoy without the music sheets?"
They looked at me and each other.
"What about this?" she asked.
"I don't know it, but I can follow along." he replied.
They did really well and the "DVD Bonus Feature" was really enjoyable.
It was amazing how simple it was to use iMovie and iDVD (Apple software that comes standard with all Macs). I tested the DVD on our Macs, Windows PCs and the DVD player.
"Great!" we thought and burned two copies and gave it to our young stars.
They first tried it on their Dell PCs and they didn't work! But they did work on the DVD player, so it seemed to just be their Dells. Phew!

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