25 November 2006

I wish that I had duck feet

Ariel has been pretty busy working with me in the city and we stay at a hotel near the client's offices. Ariel is doing pretty well on what is effectively her first job in an office environment.
Thursday night is late night shopping in Sydney so we went for a stroll and were "seduced" into a number of bookstores.
Whilst Ariel purchased a number of books she wanted with her new found income (after her 1/3 savings), I purchased a couple of books for the children at home.
Later when we had returned to our room Ariel asked for her books. I gave her "I wish that I had Duck Feet", a classic tale the children enjoyed so much that our existing copy was missing over half the pages.
"Thanks, Daddy," Ariel replied, and promptly began reading the book very enthusiastically.

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