7 November 2006

Lest we forget

On a cold and misty midday, we visited the local Cemetery.
I bet you didn't see that coming.
1 November is All Saints Day (the orignal reason for Hallowed Eve - Halloween) and 2 November is All Souls Day. On this day we are encouraged to especially remember the faithfully departed that are going through pre-heavenly cleansing - "as by fire" according to St Paul. So we visit a cemetery and pray a family rosary amongst the tombstones, remembering all those that have gone before us, asking God to have mercy on their souls.
This does is remind us all on the gift of life. We read tomb stones for people that died from only a day old to one lady who died at 100 years old. They died from as long ago as 1816 and as recent as last week. 1816 is amazing considering colonisation of Australia was only begun later than 1788!
This tombstone near the entrance is from 1919 for a lady that died at 32 years of age. The headstone erected over 85 years ago is now at an angle as time has shifted the supporting ground and the writing is weathered and worn. This is certainly a graphic reminder of the verses from Ecclesiastes - Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

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Cathy said...

This post was something I needed to read. Relative to eternity 100 years is pretty short. Just yesterday we were watching the Antique Road Show, and Jeremy asked me, "do we have any family treasure?" I said that we had three (our sons- and really I should have said four since I gave birth halfway through a pregnancy to a stillborn son 4 years ago). I went on to tell him that we should store up treasure in heaven.

Years ago I was struggling spiritually. A wise woman advised me to walk through a cemetary to get my perspective where it should be. A field trip to a country cemetary might be what I need right now...