27 November 2006

The boys win! (4 to 3)

Today we visited the doctor and also the Ultrasound on our first step in the baby delivery process.
I will be making this into a bit of a series, comparing this journey with our American experience. That will be the next post.
The good news:
The baby is a boy and doing very well. All essential equipment is in place, heartbeat strong and obviously he is very happy where he is at the moment.
There is only one baby in there (phew!). Some of the children were hoping for twins to keep the boy-girl ratio the same.
Our next mission is to decide on his name. This is a family sport with specific rules:
1. The name should be short as our last name is long enough.
2. The first letter can't be the same as any other in the family, or our last name. So A, B, C, D, E, J, L, P & R are taken.
3. The letters mustn't end up with a stupid acronym.
4. The name isn't the same as any in our immediate family.
If it meets these conditions, and passes the parental veto, it is stuck on the fridge and we try it out.


Alice Gunther said...

Congratulations!!!!!! It will be interesting to see what you come up with--something beautiful, I have no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Oh,congratulations! Glad everything looks good.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Another wonderful boy! We are so thrilled for you and you remain in our prayers. As for names how about Michael, Martin or Sean?