28 November 2006

The Benefits of Grandparents II

This week my parents are visiting us and the children are very excited. My parents live in Melbourne, around 800km (500 miles) away and visit us about twice a year.
Mum (also known as "Just Grandma") made the little girls some dresses. In this photo you can see them "road testing" the dresses, taking them for a spin. Whenever the girls put on a dress, they have to make sure the dress works properly.
Dad and Mum stay at a hotel in a neighbouring town and catch the bus to visit us. Part of the tradition is to visit the local general store and purchase an icecream or some lollies for each of the children. After the children have had books read to them, watched a film together, shown all their latest creations and artwork and walked to the park and General Store, Dad and Mum go back to their hotel for a rest, ready for the next day!

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Nissa said...

Delicious dresses! Those are every little girl's dream about. Twirly skirts, I used to live for twirly skirts. In fact, I still live for twirly skirts!

What lucky little girls!