27 November 2006

The Australian Baby Journey 4

Initial Blood Tests
We next had to visit the pathology department of the Hospital. It is the regional Public Hospital with what one would assume the typical bureaucracy.
We asked at the main reception to whom we should report and were directed to Pathology. We found the Pathology reception and handed over our referral and Medicare number. No forms. One admin staff.
Whilst we waited, Lana went into the appropriate room and provided her blood and a sample gathered after the ultrasound.
We were done, and whatever cost is covered by medicare. No paperwork at all and no direct cost to us.
The US experience
We navigated through several layers of admin personnel and had the tests administered. The cost was $269 or $215 after insurance ($287 AUD).


Anonymous said...

I guess I missed reading between the lines that God will grace your family with another child.
I am so glad that our tradition of Thanksgiving has followed you home. Any event that brings friends and family together is good.

DavidofOz said...

Thanks Ann.
We first announced the newest addition in progress back in September (Rose is Never Last). As Bruggietales is an ongoing tale sometimes posts taken in isolation miss essential bits! Thanks for popping by and your good wishes.

Cathy said...

Congratulations! I missed reading the end of that post in September. A baby boy! That's awesome!

That is interesting that you don't have to wait in the waiting room as long as we do in the states. Is that typical for Australia? We were lucky enough to find a Christian obstetrician who does not do abortions, but on some days the wait in the waiting room was long.

DavidofOz said...

If you make an appointment, the waiting isn't too long - unless the doctor is called out on an emergency. But we were really cheesed off with the US doctors. They just couldn't care less that you had to waste up to an hour or more past the appointment time.