27 November 2006

The Australian Baby Journey 3

The Ultrasound
Later this afternoon, we arrived at the radiology clinic to have our first ultrasound. We answered some questions which were entered directly into their system and were asked to wait. No forms.
We went in about 10 minutes after the appointment time. This is just as well as ultrasounds are taken when the mother's bladder is full. Very full. I was to avoid bumps and sharp turns driving to the appointment!
All the children were with us, crammed into the corners of the small room. The radiologist occasionally explained what he saw and the children behaved pretty well.
After we had all the required measurements, we checked in at the front desk, paid $107 ($80US) of which we will get back around half. Net cost $60 ($45 US).
We reported back an hour later to pick up the results.
The US experience.
Our first ultrasound was part of the emergency room (see here). The second one was in the same area and by the same guy. The hospital charged us $400 US and the radiologist charged us $108. After insurance, the cost was $245 ($327 AUD)
There were bucketloads of forms and several layers of hospital staff to negotiate. We weren't allowed to see the results. They were sent directly to the doctor.


Anonymous said...

No picture?

DavidofOz said...

Unfortunately, the ultrasound was pretty grainy and our young fellow was moving a bit much to get a shot. Mind you, the radiologist was more interested in getting his measurements than telling us what he was doing or telling the children what the bits he found were.