30 November 2004

Thanksgiving Traditional Bargains

The next day was another new experience - Walmart on the Thanksgiving Friday. This is also part of the American tradition of Thanksgiving - joining millions of fellow shoppers at 6:00 am on a cold day hoping to get some amazing bargains. David Floyd felt this was important for me to experience, but we wisely decided to leave the women and children behind.
As it was, David Floyd was able to get his bargains but we were both surprised that there weren’t as many people as we (or Walmart) expected. However, considering that it was only 6:00 in the morning the carpark was almost full.
Phew! The things we go through to report in Bruggie Tales!

David Floyd surprised at David’s photo of this amazing parking.
This fellow took up four car places nearest to the Walmart entrance
on the busiest day of the year. Now that’s the holiday spirit!

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