30 November 2004

Family Tid Bits

We brought a paper roll containing all the children's height history from Australia, including the heights of David and Lana's parents. Ariel has just passed David's mother by about an inch. All of the children have grown between 2 inches or more in the last 18 months. No wonder their clothes are not fitting so well!

Clare (3.5) has taken to hiding things. We heard Ariel ask where her book was, and then Clare said, "It's in Dad's cupboard in the study." Ariel had a look and couldn't find it. Then with a sigh, Clare said, "I'll get it" and she opened David's cupboard and the book was hidden behind some CDs. The same place where one of James' toys was "found" a little while later.

We occasionally ask Clare to pronounce a word or phrase correctly, and she responds with, "I can't say it." We urge her a bit more and with a serious expression she counters with, "I have to get bigger."

Rose is now sitting herself up. Lana had a bit of a worried squeal when she saw Rose lift herself up against a box. Time to move the smaller things up a bit higher!

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