30 November 2004

Banks - an update

Our story about US Banks generated the most feedback of any story so far. We just thought we would add another story about customer service.
Lana wanted to fill in time between appointments, so after getting the mail for the post office, she dropped in to the bank to see if they had the State Quarters missing from our collection. The teller Lana first went to didn't have any, then they checked with the other tellers and then went to the drive through teller as well. Whilst this search was on, the children enjoyed some free lollipops as well as some cookies (biscuits) and even some apples. If Lana had visited on a Friday, popcorn would have been available.
On the other hand, there is a reason that checking accounts are free. Most people use checks for almost everything. As both husband and wife frequently have separate checkbooks, and few use Quicken or similar to track the current balance, it isn't difficult to become overdrawn. As each overdrawn check fee is $30 or so, this means that those $2.00 checks and "free" checking account adds up quickly! Also, the government has just introduced a new law regarding check clearing making it much faster. The papers are now full of complaints that you can no longer write checks expecting to cover the amount with a deposit a day or so later! I would have thought writing a check when the balance couldn't cover it was just asking for a fee.

A drive through bank in Douglas Georgia. The one next to
the building is a human teller, the rest are ATMs.

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