30 November 2004

Shared Experiences

By David
I was talking with Eric the other day and asked him if he would do something by starting with, "Would you, could you?" and he responded with "Join the dance." This was a reference to a scene in Alice in Wonderland involving the Griffin and the Mock turtle. I thought he may have responded with "Eat green eggs and ham" from the Dr Seuss book, but his response led me to think about shared experiences.
Much of our time with anyone involves lots of different experiences together. Most of these are not trips to exciting places or exotic locations or sports events. Many are just doing "stuff" at home. But it seems to me that the glue that keeps a relationship together is shared times whereby a comment or phrase or look brings back memories that no-one else would know.
Lana and I often reply to an inaudible question with the answer "Eight Thirty". The person asking then realizes we couldn't hear what they were saying and comes closer or speaks clearer. Who else would understand this answer? It isn't so much a code, as an answer based on shared times spent together.
Also, the children will often put something on their head and ask, "Do you like my hat?" referring to the children's book "Go Dog Go", and the correct response is, "I do not!"
I suppose that is one of the benefits of spending so much time with the children and each other, our lives become so much more inter connected and more full of life as each little experience adds to the rich tapestry of each relationship.

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